3PE N95 NIOSH Mask - 25 Pack ($4.00 per mask) | Protectly
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3PE N95 Respirator Mask - 25 Pack ($4.50 per mask) - Protectly
3PE N95 Respirator Mask - 25 Pack - Protectly
CDC Approved 3pe n95
3PE N95 Respirator Mask - 25 Pack  - Protectly
3PE N95 Respirator Mask - 25 Pack - Protectly
3pe n95 mask protectly
3PE N95 Respirator Mask - 25 Pack - Protectly
3pe mask n95
3PE N95 Respirator Mask - 25 Pack ($4.50 per mask) - Protectly

3PE N95 NIOSH Mask - 25 Pack ($4.00 per mask)

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In stock. Ships within 2 business days from Portland, OR.

3PE N95 Mask is rated as the most comfortable N95 protection in America!

3PE N95 mask was forged out of the necessity to create reliable, highest-grade N95 respirators for personal and public health. Proudly made in California, USA. Also available in a 5 Pack.

  • QUICK TIP: To secure straps in place you can loop the straps through the clips (bottom through top, top through bottom)
  • NIOSH US N95 standard for >95% filtration against harmful particles
  • Standard headband design, adjustable
  • 25 masks in retail box
  • High fluid, droplet & particle resistance
  • 5-layer protection
  • Extremely comfortable with maximum breathability
  • FDA Registered USA Manufacturer
  • 100% Authentic Guarantee

FDA Registered & CDC/NIOSH Approved mask for general public and medical use. Manufactured by Pacific PPE Corp, CDC/NIOSH N95 Documentation. CDC CertifiedThis product is not eligible for returns.

3pe n95 mask online
  3pe n95 mask online

Customer Reviews

Based on 76 reviews
Great Mask for Teaching All Day Long

As a 2nd grade teacher, these masks are great! I can wear them all day long comfortably and feel safe.

Very Comfortable-great for the buck

Very comfortable with little adjustments- should be careful not to pull down
on the mask bottom in making the adjustments. Great value for the buck!
I have given a few to friends and the purchased contact info urged them to
step up to this N95 mask from the cloth masks. I prefer them to be individual
sealed- suggest getting small paper bags on ebay for individual storage-use

Wonderful !!

I will worry less now about my family member who works in a pharmacy. I will continue to purchase more masks here as needed. Thanks for being there!

Comfortable masks!

I love this mask! I've tried a variety of N95 masks and by far this one is the most comfortable. The adjustable straps helps make a seal. I know there a great seal because my goggles don't fog up! I feel safe wearing it all day long in the lab.


The best N95 masks by far! My entire dental staff can wear them which minimizes the types of masks to buy. They are adjustable and comfortable, we highly recommend! Plus customer service is great through Protectly!

Love these masks

I have no way of testing how well they work, but I will say they are the most comfortable masks I've worn throughout the pandemic. They're easy to adjust. They don't fog up my glasses. And even though I can smell if I forget to brush my teeth, they are actually breathable. :-p I have worn them for hours with no issue. I bought some for my elderly parents who also love them. I still try to avoid leaving my house 99% of the time, but if I have to drop something off for a friend or run into a grocery store, these are my go-to (typically under a cloth mask, so they look cuter and, y'know, for even MORE protection.