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kf94 mask lg airwasher in black
woman standing on a pier and wearing a black lg kf94 mask
different features of lg kf94 black mask
woman wearing lg kf94 mask
lg kf94 mask filtration ability
unique design of lg kf94 mask
man standing in front of office building and wearing a black lg kf94 mask
woman with blonde hair sitting wearing a black kf94 mask
lg kf94 mask white color
showing the adjustable loop on the kf94 mask

LG Adjustable KF94 Mask / Large - 10 Pack ($2.25 per mask)

Regular price $22.50

We aim to ship within 2 business days or less from Portland, OR.       

LG certified KF94 adjustable mask. Perfect for larger adult faces. Adjustable nose-bridge and earloop design also perfect for those with glasses. 

  • KF94 Rating Certified by government of South Korea
  • Large size KF94 mask
  • Made in South Korea
  • Trusted, Worldwide known LG Brand
  • Individually sealed for highest hygiene standards and product safety
  • 4-Layers of highest grade materials for >94% filtration of harmful particles
  • Adjustable earloop design allows for a perfect fit
  • KFDA Approved
  • Soft Nylon elastic for a very comfortable fit around the ears
  • 3-section construction to provide a comfortable fit with the proper coverage around the face & nose
  • Easy to breathe, does not hurt your ears after a long time use
  • Elastic soft string adjustment to fit comfortable on your face
  • Easy ear control with adjustable ear straps, does not collapse, does not bend uncomfortably
  • 10 individually sealed masks
  • 100% Authentic Guarantee

Buying Options:

  • Adult Large / Black - 10 pack, individually sealed
  • Adult Large / White - 10 pack, individually sealed

Size Guide: Perfect for larger adult faces.

KF94 is the South Korean certified equivalent to the N95 and the KN95 masksNIH Study on Effectiveness of KF94 and N95 masks. This product not eligible for returns.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Ash B. (Hillsboro, US)
Uncomfortable with leakage from sides

Unfortunately, I'm super disappointed (for the first time!) with these masks. They lack the vertical crease that is depicted in the pictures -- which I had hoped would give my spouse a more comfortable fit. They are made of a more rigid material, which allows profuse venting from the sides, unless I REALLY tighten the loops, causing my ears to bend and the loops to rub behind my ears. Additionally, the nose wire is very narrow and does not conform to my nose properly. All together, this is a 2-star product compared to the 5-star KF94s I have purchased from Protectly in the past. Thankfully, Protectly has excellent customer service, so I was able to exchange the remaining 9 masks from my order for masks we have used in the past.

anon (Seattle, US)
good fit, comfortable to wear

Exactly what I was looking for. High quality (KF94), a good fit, large enough, and comfortable to wear. I usually wear a mask with over-the-head elastic, but I needed ear loops to go out for a haircut, and this worked perfectly.

DAVID K. (Milwaukee, US)
Love these things

My Hunny and I are so happy to have found these!

Adam S. (Charlottesville, US)
Some air leakage on a narrow face

I get air leaking around the outer edges of the mask on exhalation. The mask material is a little stiff, and doesn't seem to conform to my face unless the ear loops are cinched painfully tight. It's hard to verify if this means air is leaking in and bypassing the filter on inhalation, but it makes the mask unreliable for me. Another member of the household, who has less narrow features, says that the mask fits them fine.

JC (Portland, US)
pretty much the same as the Bluna

Works best for me double-masked with a surgical, but it's nice to have ear loop/adjustment instead of full N95 with bands in some situations.

Wendy D.R. (Portland, US)
Great Fit and Comfortable - LG Adjustable KF94 Mask / Large

I help take care of my parents. My father has had a hard time with most masks available. They are not comfortable and most of them are too shifty or too small for him. My parents don't really leave the house since COVID, it's a bit more of a risky adventure than they prefer. I mean life is an adventure in general, but you balance out your risks. Anywho, I've been looking for a mask that offers him comfort, fits well, is reasonably adjustable, offers safety to him and others by covering his face (or "face" in our house aka "the COVID catcher"). This mask is great! Fits him well, is adjustable and comfortable. And since honestly, their safety and comfort is a serious concern to me, I know I feel better. And I'm not consuming an entire bag of cookies when they leave the house, just half the bag. Stay safe, be kind and try to share fun/laughter. :)