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Free shipping on all orders over $60 | From Portland, OR

Free shipping on all orders over $60 | From Portland, OR

Protectly is a grassroots firm, started by a tight-knit team of creators and thinkers based in Portland, OR. Veterans in sourcing and distribution, we put our heads together and realized that we could source high-quality and reliable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for less. 

We work directly with reputable, FDA-Registered & NIOSH-Certified domestic and international manufacturers to offer our customers the highest-quality products possible. That means providing the Portland area and local businesses access to the masks and safety products they need, for prices they can afford.

Our shipping is nationwide, so everyone in the country can access our low prices. As the country plans to reopen, accessibility to affordable safety products has never been more essential than it is now. 

Why should you buy from us? By supporting Protectly, you will be able to:

• Access the high-quality safety products you need at reasonable prices
• Support a local business (us!)
Give back to the community, because we actively donate to small businesses, organizations and healthcare workers in the Portland area.                
That’s a lot of winning. Get the PPE supplies you and your loved ones need. 

Protectly keeps you safer, for less.