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Free Shipping on Orders Over $60+ (within USA) | Samples Available

Free Shipping on Orders Over $60+ (within USA) | Samples Available

What is Protectly's shipping policy?


Protectly aims to ship orders within 48 business hours to all 50 states.

All of our orders are shipped from our warehouse in Portland, OR, USA. Free shipping is offered on all orders over $60 (USA orders only), otherwise, a flat rate shipping charge of $6 applies. Standard shipping package transit time is estimated between 2-7 days. UPS Ground is offered as shipping option for the contiguous US. Expedited shipping is available with transit time of 2-3 days. If you need your package overnight, please contact us.

Does Protectly offer international shipping? We ship our products worldwide. Two shipping options are offered during checkout. Any import charges would be the responsibility of the customers.

What is Protectly doing to help during the Covid-19?

We are proud to announce that we have donated over 47,704 units of medical supplies to the underserved organizations/municipalities throughout United States. During the wildfires in September 2020, Protectly donated N95 and KN95 respirators to volunteer groups who were assisting evacuees, as well as to our customers who were experiencing health problems. During this time, Protectly introduced a pickup option as well as working extending hours so that we could help all those who required a mask. 

Are Protectly's products authentic?

We guarantee authenticity for all of our products here at Protectly. Additionally, products that are marked as “medical” have FDA 510k clearance/medical use approval. Our 3M NIOSH N95 and N100 masks are sourced directly from the oldest and largest USA 3M authorized distributor. Our Moldex NIOSH N95, N99 and N100 respirators are sourced directly from the largest USA Moldex distributor. All of our N95/N99/N100 masks are 100% Guaranteed Authentic and CDC/NIOSH approved. All of our KF94 and KN95 masks are 3rd party tested and certified to meet/exceed their respective standard.

Are your items NIOSH Certified?

We carry a large selection of NIOSH-Approved Reusable Respirators and authentic N95 masks, which can be found in the Reusable Respirator or N95 category on our website.

Is Protectly a real business?

Unfortunately, we get this question sometimes. We understand that recently, you may have had issues with companies who make false claims or deliver below average products. This is disappointing, and our goal as a company is to change that. Protectly is a real business – with real customers. We stand behind each of the products that we carry and sell. Among our current loyal customers are non-profit organizations, retail stores, government agencies, fire departments, medical personnel, clinics, employees and essential businesses, as well as individuals who trust us to help them stay safe. Any of our customers are always welcome to call or email us with questions or inquiries.

I've made an order - can I pick it up in person?

Although we would love to be able to meet all our customers, this is currently not possible for safety reasons. In some emergency or crisis circumstances, Protectly is able to allow pickups by opening our pickup location. If you are in a crisis or an emergency, please email us at We will endeavour to get your products to you as quickly and as safely as possible.

I've made an order - can I cancel it or change it?

Protectly’s mission includes fulfilling customer orders as quickly as possible, so that our products can reach those in need. As per regulations for PPE/Infection control items, all of our sales are final. This does mean that the chances of changing an order in time are unlikely. If you have any questions about your order, please get in touch with us at

Can I reuse the masks?

All of our Surgical, KN95 & N95 masks are designed to be disposable, with the exception of the half-face reusable respirators. The best rule of thumb is that when it becomes more difficult to breathe through the mask - you absolutely want to discard it because the filter is becoming clogged up. Maximum use of a disposable mask is 6-8 hours. If you are looking for a way to disinfect and reuse disposable masks, follow the CDC recommendations at the following links: 


Are the masks available in different sizes?

Our standard, certified-authentic KN95 masks come in two sizes, and our USA-made KN95 masks come in three sizes of earloop lengths, as well as an adjustable earloop option for those unsure of which size to go with. In addition to this, the 3PE N95 masks have an easily-adjustable head strap. Options for choosing a mask size are available on each of the product listings. A size guide is available on a product listing that allows variations. Our reusable respirators are available in 3 different sizes (S, M, L).

My delivery tracking is showing as package "Delivered" but I haven't received it, what should I do now? 

USPS has been marking some packages as being delivered, without delivering the package at the same time. Usually, these deliveries are delivered by USPS between 1-3 days after being marked “delivered.” We understand that this can be confusing and stressful, but this is outside of our control as we have no way to change how USPS is operating. We have no explanation for why this happens, but would like to reassure you that these packages will be delivered to you.

If you have additional questions regarding a delivery, please get in touch with your local post office and provide them with the tracking number for your Protectly order.

What does "N95" mean exactly?

N95 masks are a type of disposable particle respirator, which means that they filters particles out of the air that you breath and purifies the air. These type of masks only protect against harmful airborne particles, excluding gas or vapour.

NIOSH has developed different classes for respirators based on how many airborne particles they are able to filter out. The “N” class stands for, “Not resistant to oil.” A respirator that filters out 95% or more of airborne particles will be classified with a rating of 95. Therefore, an N95 respiratory can filter out 95% or more of airborne particles, but it is not oil-resistant. 

Are N95 and KN95 masks different?

While both masks have high droplet resistance and can filter out 95% or more of airborne particles, there are some differences in appearance. The main difference is that the N95 mask is worn in a headband style, while the KN95 mask is worn with loops that fit behind the ears.

What are the differences between a regular surgical 3-ply mask and surgical ASTM level 2/3 mask?

The Protectly brand surgical 3-ply masks are rated for civilian use, and have tested for greater than 95% filtration efficiency as well as strong fluid/droplet resistance. The surgical ASTM level 2/3 surgical masks are genuine medical masks which have FDA 510K clearance for use by both medical personnel and civilians. They have a rating for greater than 99% filtration efficiency as well as strong fluid/droplet resistance.

What is your return policy?

All Protectly sales are final unless stated otherwise, to keep our staff and customers safe. Although we would like to be able to offer returns, this is unfortunately not possible due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the nature of PPE. 

I am looking for something that’s not listed on your site, are you able to help me with it?

The team at Protectly are constantly sourcing new products and replenishing the stock in our warehouse. If there is a particular product you are looking for, reach out to us and let us know – we might have it available soon. 

Why should I wear masks?

Please follow this link for detailed information on the benefits of wearing a mask:

Are your masks latex-free?

In addition to being latex-free, all of our masks are also completely free of dyes, fiberglass, and toxins.