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Free shipping on all orders over $60 | From Portland, OR

Free shipping on all orders over $60 | From Portland, OR


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Surgical Masks

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UPDATE 9/24/20

Dear valued customers: Thank you so much for your patience and your trust in us! We truly appreciate all of the support we have received directly in person, via social media and email. We can't thank you enough. We are fully caught up with all orders. Over 4,000 packages have been mailed by us in the past 6 days. If you haven't received your order in the mail, USPS has been having some delays, we are confident it will arrive to you. We are still working extended hours for pickup from 10am-10pm. CCC PDX bike couriers helped us deliver over 400 local orders this week in a planet-friendly way!!! They've been tremendous help and we are going to continue using them for many local deliveries going forward.

Please understand that during the week of wild fires we got our butts kicked. We tripled our staff and we still  worked 18+ hour days for 10 days in a row to keep up with the demand and rush of emergency orders for those in danger. In late evenings after finishing our shifts, we personally drove around and hand delivered hundreds of orders with respirators to those suffering from lung problems and were in critical conditions. We did absolutely the best we possibly could as we completely didn't see this coming and we apologize for any delays that occurred with your order. We learned a lot from all of this and are deeply humbled by the experience. We are much better prepared now for such situations going forward. 

Our regular KN95s are also available at Green Zebra stores.

Please do not place an order if you are considering canceling as we have a clearly stated a no cancellation policy and will not be refunding orders as is the industry standard at this time.

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!

Keeping Your Health in Mind

Our products are 100% Guaranteed. We have a dedicated QC team that makes sure no fakes enter our supply and USA standard compliance is verified at each step. Our PPE gear is designed for high protection and comfort. Stay Safer with Protectly.