USA Made KN95 Respirator - 10 Pack ($3.25 per mask) | Protectly
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Free shipping on all orders over $60 | Get $5+ Off

USA Made KN95 Respirator - 10 Pack ($3.50 per mask) - Protectly
USA Made KN95 Respirator - 10 Pack ($3.50 per mask) - Protectly
USA Made KN95 Respirator - 10 Pack ($3.50 per mask) - Protectly
USA Made KN95 Respirator - 10 Pack ($3.50 per mask) - Protectly
USA Made KN95 Respirator - 10 Pack ($3.50 per mask) - Protectly
USA Made KN95 Respirator - 10 Pack ($3.50 per mask) - Protectly

USA Made KN95 Respirator - 10 Pack ($3.25 per mask)

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In stock. Ships within 2 business days from Portland, OR.

    • Protectly KN95, MADE IN USA
    • Ear loops lengths: Large - 9 in, Medium - 8.25 in, Small - 7.75 in
    • FDA Registered 
    • 5-layer protection, disposable mask for daily use
    • 10 sealed masks (2 per pack)
    • >98% bacterial filtration efficiency (3rd party lab tested)
    • Advanced electrostatic media is designed for ease of breathing
    • Lightweight construction for long-term wearability
    • Very high fluid/droplet & particle resistance
    • Extremely comfortable with maximum breathability and no leakage
    • Elastic ear straps and metal nose clip for snug fit
    • Latex-free, dye-free, fiberglass-free, PVC-free
    • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    Reduce breathing contaminated air with Protectly KN95 high-grade protective respirator masks, made and designed right here in USA. Protectly KN95 masks are 5-ply, particulate-filtering disposable use masks. A unique design works well with facial contours, creating a snug fit and allowing more room for protective eyewear.

    Size Guide: Our USA Made KN95 certified mask is offered in 3 sizes. Respirator mask sizes are not quantified with measurements. When choosing your mask size, take into consideration your past experience purchasing hats or glasses. If you typically purchase larger or smaller sizes based on the size and shape of your face, consider doing so when selecting the size of your mask. Usually, customers with large faces or prominent noses use the large size, while the rest usually use the medium size. Small size is for people with very slim faces or those looking for a very tight fit.

    FDA Approved for General Public/Civilian Use. Additional information can be found in our educational section. This product is not eligible for returns.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 103 reviews

    Well fitting masks made in the USA at a reasonable price.

    Excellent masks!

    Wonderful quick service and delivery of my order. These are well made American K95 masks.

    Legit KN95 mask

    I work in healthcare, so I've tried many varieties of mask. This was the first style I've tried that actually came in sizes, which seems like such a common sense feature when no two faces are alike. In a nutshell I've got a big nose and most surgical masks get pulled too tight over my nose, rubbing my skin raw and don't seal properly. I tried this in a medium- I'm a woman and tend to wear a large surgical cap or bouffant if that gives you an idea of head size. The medium is just a tad big for me if I wear the ear loops over my ears, but if I use a plastic clip to secure the loops behind my head (over the top of my scrub cap) it fits perfect and provides a secure seal. The material feels substantial but is still soft, and the wire for the nose is not too rigid or thick that you can't flex it into shape you need. So far I've been able to wear same mask for about 4 days on 10 hour shifts before it gets funky, but if you don't eat as much garlic as me you might be able to extend it further.

    Very Comfortable & Fast Shipping

    Nothing better than to wear a mask proudly stamped with MADE IN THE USA with the Quality that you would expect in a MADE in the USA Product. I will be ordering more thru this PAndemic and stocking up on some to put in the first aid kits and car kits.

    Great fit

    Excellent value. Excellent fit. I feel like I have the best masks appropriate for the general public.

    Finally, a protective + breathable mask

    I am high risk and over the past 7 months have tested masks from over 10 companies. Protectly is so superior from quality to customer service it’s a landslide. I’ve done the footwork. Protectly checks all the boxes and more.