3M 6000 Kit with P100 Filters, Half-Face Respirator Assembly
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3M 6000 Kit with P100 Filters, Half-Face Respirator Assembly

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In stock. Ships within 2 business days from Portland, OR.

Good choice for those working/living in areas contaminated with wildfire smoke and ash. Protects against harmful air particles, dust, mists, fumes, lead, mold, asbestos, cadmium, arsenic, and MDA. Full kit assembly, ready to use! Add extra pair of filters to have on hand, just in case.

  • 3M Reusable 6000 Series Respirator
  • Sizes: Small (6100), Medium (6200), Large (6300)
  • 3M 2091 P100 NIOSH Filters (set of 2)
  • 3M AEM ensures exceptional >99.97% filter efficiency that meets NIOSH P100 standards
  • Protection against many oil and non-oil based particulate contaminants
  • This respirator combination also provides effective protection for most types of welding
  • As a lead dust respirator, this mask provides HEPA level protection for your lungs
  • 100% Authentic Guarantee

Assembly Includes: 3M 6000 Half Mask Respirator (1 each, choose size), 3M 2091 P100 (HEPA) Filter (1 pair) *Filters attach directly to the mask with 1/4 turn bayonet-style connector. Other 3M filters will also connect to this mask. 

Mask Sizing: Take into consideration your past experience purchasing hats or glasses. If you typically purchase larger or smaller sizes based on the size and shape of your face, consider doing so when selecting the size of your mask. This product does not provide eye protection and not eligible for returns.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Two thumbs up

Great mask! Fits nicely and works great for what I am using it for.

Perfect fit!

I got a medium and it fits well on my small face! Its adjustable too! Thank you for the extras!


Equipment performed as expected.

Bought for warehouse work.

It works wonderfully. I enjoy it. The straps when worn for 10+ hours can cause light chaffing and has a minor rubber smell to it. I just gave it a good wipe down. Otherwise it looks great feels great, its breathable, and it works wonders for people trying to keep there allergies low.


Everything and more! Very useful and the quality is great. I ordered one mask and got extra stuff included which were greatly appreciated!

Lightweight, durable and comfortable

If it's good enough for EMT's, it's good for me! I use it to prevent Covid-19 and wear it when I go out to public, to stores, or travel. This is the mask for the task of both Covid and those who may be dealing with wildfires or any type of remodeling/construction. Excellent mask for the task at a great price. Couldn't be happier.