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Free Shipping on Orders Over $60+ (within USA)

Free Shipping on Orders Over $60+ (within USA)

Sample of N95/KN95/KF94 Masks (specify which mask in notes)

Regular price $2.50

To get a sample of any of our N95, KN95 or KF94 masks please use this listing to place an order. Samples can be ordered by themselves or added to a standard order.

Please limit samples to 2 of any mask (specific model or size) and put which masks you are interested in the notes during checkout. If it comes in different sizes or colors please make sure to specify.

The quantity specifies how many samples are ordered.

Current Promotion:

1 free sample with code: sample (1 per customer)

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jenny (River Grove, US)
Best customer service

The masks were great, but I accidentally didn't list enough masks for the number I ordered. Protectly called me and even advised me which masks would be best for my needs and even threw in a surprise note. Amazing customer service.

Roberto A. (Portland, US)
Sample pack

Masks arrived in about 1-2 days. Great, speedy service. Thanks!

Haven M. (Madison, US)
Quick, responsive service, good follow-up, extras

I ordered the mask sample pack from Protectly. I ordered four masks from two different manufacturers--LG and Bluna, but for good measure they threw in a third manufacturer, Cleantop, presumably to give me more options. I appreciate extra effort like that. For now both LG Airwasher and Cleantop work well for me, Bluna really doesn't, but being able to sample different types of mask has been really helpful. I like that they make the extra effort to make sure everything is okay. I hope to see them eventually carry more brands. But as a business owner myself I know that you have to start with what you know works best so that you don't waste money or space on things that just won't sell.

Shelley M. (Menlo Park, US)
Great products & service

I've been very happy with the products and speed of shipping from Protectly. I appreciated the chance to test-drive a couple masks for my kiddo before buying a bunch. Both the KF94's we tried were comfortable; they fit quite differently, so it was useful to sample them.

Will K. (Bellingham, US)
Fast shipping & free samples

It was great to receive a free sample of masks to determine fit, we've now ordered more of the version that we like the most. Protectly shipped our order super quickly!!

Anonymous (Mansfield, US)
Nice way to try before you buy

It was wonderful to try on the masks before making a decision...ended up with a new favorite mask!