Moldex 2200 N95 NIOSH Mask - 5 or 20 Pack ($3.50+ per mask)
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Moldex 2200 N95 NIOSH Mask - 5 or 20 Pack ($3.50+ per mask)
Moldex 2200 N95 (M/L size) - 20 Pack ($6.75 per mask) - Protectly
Moldex 2200 N95 (M/L size) - 20 Pack ($6.75 per mask) - Protectly

Moldex 2200 N95 NIOSH Mask - 5 or 20 Pack ($3.50+ per mask)

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  • NIOSH APPROVED (TC-84A-0327)
  • Manufacturer: Moldex
  • Size: M/L 
  • NIOSH N95 certified to have a filter efficiency level of 95% or greater 
  • Molded nose bridge seals easily and great for people with glasses
  • Dura-Mesh® shell resists collapsing in heat and humidity
  • Soft foam nose cushion for added comfort
  • Softspun® lining for increased comfort and durability
  • Latex-free, dye-free, fiberglass-free, PVC-Free, Non-Toxic
  • Meets heat and flame resistance in accordance with ANSI/ISEA 110-2003 Section 7.11.1.
  • 100% Authentic Guarantee

Buying Options: 

  • 20 pack is retail packaging ($3.50 per mask)
  • 5 packs are safely repackaged in order to give people an opportunity to try them out ($5.00 per mask)

FDA Approved for medical and civilian use under FDA EUA. This product not eligible for returns. CDC/NIOSH Moldex N95 Documentation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Good fit and breathing comfort

I have a medium-wide face, squarish jaw, medium size narrow nose, and smallish ears (I know-adorable!) and this mask fits well. When I do wear glasses I do not fog up. The non adjustable rubber (?) straps make the mask fit snuggly and there is a bit of extra foam on the bridge of the nose to help seal leaks. It is snug which made the bridge of my nose ache when I first started wearing them but my nose has adjusted. The structure of the mask gives more space around my face and it feels drier inside than other masks I have worn. This is my go to mask when I want to be sure to filter all air in and out.


Great Moldex 2200 N95 NIOSH Mask! Excellent fit with a good seal around. It does not touch the end of the nose and does not fog glasses. This mask is very high quality and nice to see it's made in the USA!
However, we had to remove the staples holding the straps because they touched on the face. (Sewed on longer and better elastic straps.) Of all the masks we tried this past year none had bare metal staples next to the skin. Why have such a superior product with a poor strap attachment!
Would order more if you improve strap attachment or if we can just get the mask without straps and staples so we can attach our own.

Good protection but uncomfortable

The elastic straps are very tight and cause the mask to press against the bridge of the nose enough to leave an indentation. Also the straps tend to roll and tangle with hair..


Fit a little tightly, but that's what I want. Comfortable, with a good seal. I like the silicon gel around the nose instead of having a metal clip that most others have. Easy on the nose. It also stays away from my mouth by having a cup shape. If we all get and wear these, the virus won't have a chance!


Great mask. Fits very snug and the wrap around straps don't hurt my ears.

Partially good fit

This mask seals well over my nose and upper face, but feels loose on one side of my face, and I thought there was some leaking. Maybe I don't know how to adjust it. It's comfortable and breathable. Also, one head band, the upper one, is too tight. I hope this can be fixed by manufacturer.