Respokare N95 NIOSH Mask - 5 or 30 Pack ($5.00+ per mask)
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Respokare N95 NIOSH Mask - 5 or 30 Pack ($5.00+ per mask)

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In stock. Ships within 2 business days from Portland, OR.

Protectly is an Official & Authorized Reseller of Respokare masks.

First and only FDA-Cleared Anti-Viral mask. Rigorous testing and years of R&D have deemed the Respokare® N95 Respirator Mask highly effective against 18 common seasonal and pandemic influenza viruses.

  • NIOSH APPROVED (TC-84A-7796)
  • FDA 510K CLEARED: K122702
  • Size Guide: Medium (M/S) best for slim/small faces. Size Large for regular adult faces.
  • Note: Innonix is a U.S. patented anti-viral technology, which has a citric acid/citrus scent and is FDA Approved to be safe
  • U.S. patented 4-layer Innonix anti-viral technology inactivates up to 99.9% of flu viruses and other airborne health hazards
  • Premium Imported N95s from China
  • NIOSH N95 certified for >95% particulate filtration 
  • US Nelson Labs tested to comply with GLP regulation. Approved according to 42 CFR Part 84 against micron-size particles
  • Standard N95 headband design holds mask in place for maximum protection
  • Ultrasonic welded head-straps for a secure seal and proper fit
  • Adjustable cushioned nose piece
  • Very high fluid/droplet resistance
  • Snug fit with good seal 
  • Latex-free, dye-free, fiberglass-free, non-toxic 
  • 100% Authentic Guarantee

Buying Options: 

  • 30 pack in a retail box ($5.00 per mask)
  • 10 pack in a retail box ($6.00 per mask)
  • 5 pack in retail box ($6.00 per mask)

Size Guide: Small/Medium best for small/slim faces. Size L for medium/larger faces.

FDA Cleared. Manufactured by Innonix Technologies, CDC Approval. This product not eligible for returns.


Customer Reviews

Based on 95 reviews
best mask

The RespoKare is easily the best mask I've tried. It fits tight around the nose, my glasses do not fog up. And, your order is shipped quickly! I will continue to order these from the Protectly team!

Awesome masks!

Great fit. Feels really secure.

They fit

The two straps make a better fit than the masks with ear loops only.

Fantastic service and masks

I purchased the Respokare M mask and it is a tight perfect fit- I feel totally safe in any condition with this mask. In addition Protectly gave me the N95X127 to try and I think I love that even more. The adustable straps create a custom tight fit and it is a very comfortable mask. Fast great service . I will buy more masks from Protectly.

Great fit and comfort during all day wear

It has been so hard for me to find a comfortable and fitting mask. This one has been great.

Very comfortable, strong offgassing

I needed to air out each mask for 3 days before use due to the chemical anti-viral coating. It made me gag right out of the box. Very comfortable mask, and great seal, though there’s no rigid structure keeping it away from your mouth, tends to collapse inwards after a short while. I’d order the large unless you have a really small face.