Respokare NIOSH N95 Mask - 5 or 30 Pack ($5.00+ per mask) 30 Pack / Medium (M/S)
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Protectly is an authorized reseller
CDC Approved Respokare masks
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Respokare NIOSH N95 Mask - 5 or 30 Pack ($5.00+ per mask)

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In stock. Ships within 2 business days from Portland, OR.

Protectly is an Official & Authorized Reseller of Respokare masks.

First and only FDA-Cleared anti-viral face mask. Rigorous testing and years of R&D have deemed the Respokare® NIOSH N95 Respirator Mask highly effective against 18 common seasonal and pandemic influenza viruses.

  • NIOSH APPROVED (TC-84A-7796)
  • FDA 510K CLEARED: K122702
  • Size Guide: Medium (M/S) best for slim/small faces. Size Large for regular adult faces.
  • Note: Innonix is a U.S. patented anti-viral technology, which has a citric acid/citrus scent and is FDA Approved to be safe
  • U.S. patented 4-layer Innonix anti-viral technology inactivates up to 99.9% of flu viruses and other airborne health hazards
  • Premium Imported N95s
  • NIOSH N95 certified for >95% particulate filtration 
  • US Nelson Labs tested to comply with GLP regulation. Approved according to 42 CFR Part 84 against micron-size particles
  • Standard N95 headband design holds mask in place for maximum protection
  • Ultrasonic welded head-straps for a secure seal and proper fit
  • Adjustable cushioned nose piece
  • Very high fluid/droplet resistance
  • Snug fit with good seal 
  • Latex-free, dye-free, fiberglass-free, non-toxic 
  • 100% Authentic Guarantee

Buying Options: 

  • 30 pack in a retail box ($5.00 per mask)
  • 5 packs in retail packaging ($6.50-7.00 per mask)

Size Guide: Small/Medium best for small/slim faces. *Size L for medium/larger faces.

FDA-Cleared. Manufactured by Innonix Technologies, CDC Approval. This product not eligible for returns.


Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews

Delivery took longer than usual but i am satisfied with the mask I ordered


Protectly has MADE IN THE USA all over their website and, if you google them, MADE IN THE USA is prominent all over GOOGLE. My mistake for not looking midway down on the description of the N95 mask where it states "premium imported N95's". So my mistake. I wish they had stated "premium N95's imported from CHINA". That I would have noticed. The seam down the middle of the mask ends under the chin, and there's a little, pointy piece of plastic at that end of the seam that digs into your chin. That can be altered with scissors. My heartfelt, strong objection is about supporting the COMMUNIST COUNTRY OF CHINA. The Chinese workers do not benefit at all from making these masks. The communist regime does.

Respokare N95 5-pacl

Difficult to put on (boy, do I need a haircut!!!) but fits snugly and seems to form a full seal; very comfortable and reassuring. Whatever citrus scent is supposed to be present is extremely light and not disconcerting at all.

Love the mask but strap broke on first wear

I really love these masks, but one of the straps broke the first time I wore the mask. I was taking the mask off when the strap broke.

These Are Real :) is the *one and only* authorized distributor for Respokare N95 masks in the US. How do I know? I contacted Respokare directly and asked for a list of authorized dealers. With so many “fake” N95 masks on the market these days, it’s comforting to know that these are the real thing. As someone who is at high-risk for covid-19, these masks enable me to work and live without fear. Highly recommend!

Respokare NIOSH N95

Thanks, Protectly, for offering this great mask! Took elderly parent for vaccine and we both felt very safe with these masks on while inside the building. Fits snugly, no gaps, which is reassuring. Great to have some masks on hand that increase our feeling of safety indoors!