Full Length Face Shield - 5 Pack ($4.00 per shield) | Protectly
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Free shipping on all orders over $60 | Get $5+ Off

Full Length Face Shield - 5 Pack ($4.00 per shield) - Protectly
Full Length Face Shield - 5 Pack ($4.00 per shield) - Protectly
Full Length Face Shield - 5 Pack ($4.00 per shield) - Protectly
Full Length Face Shield - 5 Pack ($4.00 per shield) - Protectly

Full Length Face Shield - 5 Pack ($4.00 per shield)

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In stock. Ships within 2 business days from Portland, OR.

  • 5 Face Shields
  • Help reduce incidental face touching
  • UV and Wear-resistant
  • COMPLETE COVERAGE - Full length face shield provides more complete coverage than typical face shields. Wrap-around design provides over-the-top, side and front face protection.
  • COMFORT  - This safety face shield equipped with an elastic band and sponge headband, the face shield is suitable for extended wear.
  • ANTI-FOG - High-quality optically and distortion-free 7mm Polyester film. Treated with anti-fog coating. Clear for maximum visibility.
  • QUALITY MATERIALS - Made of super transparent high-quality PET material. Wear-resistant and durable, without any odor.
  • REUSABLE - Reusable after proper disinfection

Perfect for workers dealing with face to face transactions during these uncertain times!

Please remove the protective film from the shield before usingThis product not eligible for returns.

Customer Reviews

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From A Texas Doctor

The masks block bacteria as claimed but virus like the Covid-19 is much much smaller than Bacteria so it is really not effective in truly preventing pass thru of the virus and offers no protection .Nowhere does it claim virus protection at all..
2 ?the mask is marked to be used ONCE OR SINGLE USE ONLY and not stated in the advertisement. This makes it extremely expensive in addition to not being virus -protective. Most mask on sale are REUSABLE to and 95% protective against the virus.I have 3 kinds of these but I just wanted to try yours to compare.
3.the face shield are not long enough to fully protect the mouth and too forward from the mouth so I will not wear it either.The ones I have are at least 2 inches longer and closer to the face for better protection and more comfortable with the eyeglass- like holder to the ears and very light ,very clear plastic and no forehead holder to bother with. I far prefer my older one.

Face shield

Thanks love them easy to see out of


I am very pleased with the face shields


These are relatively inexpensive face shields and they are quite good for what they are designed for. The face plastic is very clear and I have no issues with fog, though I did not wear this for long periods of time where I was getting hot. The strap is elastic with an adjustable piece and there is plenty of foam where it rests on your forehead. It is quite easy to get a comfortable fit.

Face shield

I received 5 face shields about one week after my order and have only needed to use them about 2 times. I like that they are anti fog and that I can wipe them clean after each use with an antibacterial wipe. The only complaint I would have is that the bottom part sticks out too far and is not close enough to my face; so I feel that part of my face is not really being protected. I wish there was some way of being able to bend them for a tighter fit. I do still wear a face mask with the shield.


These are comfortable and give a little extra protection