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Free Shipping on Orders Over $60+ (within USA) | Samples Available

Benehal MS8225 N95 - 5 Pack ($7.00 per mask) - Protectly
Benehal MS8225 N95 - 5 Pack ($7.00 per mask) - Protectly
Benehal MS8225 N95 - 5 Pack ($7.00 per mask) - Protectly
Benehal MS8225 N95 - 5 Pack ($7.00 per mask) - Protectly
Benehal MS8225 N95 - 5 Pack ($7.00 per mask) - Protectly
Benehal MS8225 N95 - 5 Pack ($7.00 per mask) - Protectly

Benehal MS8225 N95 NIOSH Mask - 5 or 20 Pack (Headband)

Regular price $8.00

** The manufacturer has changed the expiration from 3 to 5 years on new production. The current inventory will function without issues for 2 years past expiration, but the change is not retroactive. We have new inventory on the way with 5 year expiration however, we are currently clearing out our inventory (exp 6/23), which is reflected in the price.

We aim to ship within 2 business days or less from Portland, OR.       

  • NIOSH APPROVED (TC-84A-7447)
  • Manufacturer: Suzhou Sanical (Benehal brand)
  • Standard N95 headband design
  • 5 individually wrapped masks, non-retail packaging (if box is wanted should order 20 masks to get box)
  • Very high fluid & particle resistance
  • Extremely comfortable with maximum breathability
  • Latex-free, dye-free, fiberglass-free
  • 100% Authentic Guarantee

Buying Options: 

  • 20 pack in retail box, individually sealed
  • 5 packs are individually sealed by the factory, no retail box

This product not eligible for returns.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Ewa (Portland, US)
Solid mask

Solid mask, good fit. Headband is a must for me so glad I found these. The band itself is a little flimsy though.

Really glad to still have a source for masks I can trust and that gets them to me fast!

Janie M.B. (Ashland, US)
Works well!

I ordered these masks because I wanted a mask that did not use elastic behind the ears As someone who has to ear hearing aids, most masks risk pulling the hearing aids off with the mask - & the aids are VERY expensive! Using these masks with elastic behind the head not the ears eliminates this risk. Very important!!!

S (Winter Garden, US)
Bulk Order

There was a great sale and we ordered 200! The packaging and shipping were great. We hope to order again in the future.

Tamara (Graham, US)
Great Masks

I LOVE these masks. Great fit and comfy.

This was my first order from this company, because they had the best price- about a 1/3 of the cost of Amazon. They shipped quickly. I received regular status updates from the seller on it's progress. Happy to find a great alternative to

Edward G. (St. Petersburg, US)
It's a decent mask

I wanted a mask that was a little tight, which this is, but unfortunately for me that hasn't seemed to have translated into a good fit.

The mask is small and not very roomy at all compared to other bifold N95s I've worn, but that's not too much of a problem for me personally. However, if you have a larger head I would look elsewhere. Also, due to the small amount of space in this mask, if I talk too expressively my jaw gets too tall for the mask and the fit suffers. Your mileage may vary. Smaller heads and more reserved speakers may have an easier time.

They have foam on the inside of the nose piece, which is usually a plus for me, however the material this foam is made of is uncomfortably rough and irritating on my nose, especially compared to the foam on 3M Auras and the Bona-Fide masks I've used before. It doesn't seem to bother some people, but if you're particularly texture-sensitive, or think you might be, maybe this mask isn't the best option.

Overall it's a decent mask, and as long as you know its limitations and aren't bothered by the foam's texture, it's fine. I personally won't get these again due to the foam, though it's better than not having foam at all.

Vapor N. (Los Angeles, US)
Nice price, nice fit.

I always get my mask needs from Protectly. Easy to find what I need, fairly quick delivery, and a GREAT price.
These masks I got here fit nicely and the shape makes them stay off of my mouth, which really helps me to be comfortable.