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Protectly donates 4,600 (Surgical & N95) masks to the Multnomah County in Portland, OR

Mask donation ppe multnomah county portland

As a grassroots organization, Protectly has always focused on giving back to the community wherever we can. In 2020, it has never been more important to help others and to share whatever resources, time, and energy you have. One of the ways in which the team at Protectly likes to give back to the community is by making donations of authentic respirators or masks to individuals or organizations in need, so that they can stay protected and continue to do the important work they do.

One of the organizations we have recently decided to donate to is the Multnomah County government agency in Portland, OR. Their office recently reached out to our team and asked us if there was any way we could help them. Multnomah County provides their 766,000 residents with a variety of government services concerning health and public safety. Naturally, we put our heads together to see what help we were able to provide them with.

Multnomah County works to provide a large amount of aid to the homeless population in Portland, as well as providing health services to lower income families and those with disabilities. They have a variety of resources for senior citizens, including a 24/7 assistance line which older people, those with disabilities, and caregivers can call to receive information. Services that they are able to provide include help with enrolling in government programs, finding support for unpaid caregivers, and investigating misconduct or abuse of elders.

The Multnomah County government agency also provides a large amount of mental health services. Mental health across the USA has been greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, so this is a service that the team at want to support as much as we can to help those who are struggling. The mental health services that Multnomah County provides include respite care, acute inpatient care and mental health treatments, as well as more community-based services for those in the community with mental health conditions. They also provide support to those who may be suffering from an addiction, and offer connection to resources that will help addicts to seek help and recover.

Most of these services that Multnomah County provides involve connecting with people in the community. Due to this exposure to people at high risk from COVID-19 as well as exposure to a large volume of people out in the community, we thought that the best way to help would be to donate masks, to keep their employees, volunteers and clients safe.

On 11/17/2020, we donated 2 cases of 3-ply surgical masks and 1 case of 100% authentic N95 masks made by 3PE. This is equivalent to 4,000 pieces of the surgical masks and 600 pieces of the N95 masks. These masks are high-quality protective equipment which are recommended for use by healthcare workers and civilians alike, in order to stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic. 3PE is one of the USA-based N95 mask manufacturers that rose to the challenge early in the pandemic and invested in the equipment to quickly start a new manufacturing line of N95 masks and provided 1 case of N95 masks as part of their donation together with Protectly. Phil Xu, one of principals at 3PE, reached out to us with offer to help with N95 respirators that they manufacture and provide them to Multnomah County in Portland, OR. In addition to protection against COVID-19, these masks also help to filter out other harmful particles such as dust, viruses, and bacteria.

We are only able to provide help like this thanks to support from our incredible customers, who have supported since it began. It is our customers and community who have put us in the position to give back to the community, and we are thrilled to be able to continue to support wonderful local organizations throughout both Oregon and the rest of the USA.

Even if you can’t donate large amounts to the community, consider making a small donation or volunteering your time to help somebody in need. And if you think you have an issue that would be able to help you with, please reach out to us – we would love to see how we can help.