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Double Masking - Trend or Extra Prevention?

Double Masking - Trend or Extra Prevention

As time has progressed, we have brought changes in these preventions from our side as well. Now, we don’t see every other person adorning face shields for ‘extra’ protection, we don’t see every other person going for a COVID19 test with the onset of seasonal flu, and of course, we (finally!) don’t see a separate minority of people denying the very existence of COVID19 as well. 

Almost all of us have accepted masks as our new normal. We understand how vital they have become for stopping the spread of the deadly COVID19 virus, a virus that no medicine has been able to stop as of yet. 

From all of these changes, it is quite evident that people are gaining awareness. This is indeed our first progressive step towards success - to stop COVID19 from taking over us just because we underestimate its severity and even if we do, we simply choose to ignore it. 

The Double Masking Trend 

However, one ‘trend’ worth discussing over here is that of the ‘Double Masking’. We often come across people who are wearing not one, but two masks, one on the top the other at the same time. 

This was quite a sight and made many people wonder if this was just for the show or an added measure for extra safety? 

People are quite the trend-followers nowadays and when one thing becomes ‘viral’, everybody has to ultimately follow it too. 

But if you are seriously wondering if ‘double masking’ really has any benefits over a single mask, then keep reading on, you are about to find that out! 

Why Do People Wear A Double Mask In The First Place? 

Well, the most common reason behind people doing so is simple. They want to be extra cautious and that is why they adorn double masks. 

Doctors wearing double masks are considered to be totally justified and worthy enough too, because doctors are our front liners - they are exposed more than anyone else. 

The same applies to dentists too. Both of these professions involve direct contact with patients, who might have been exposed to the virus and so, prevention is always better. 

Every Surgical Mask Is Triple-Layered! 

Yes, you read that correctly. A simple surgical mask is made up of at least two or three layers that are fitted compactly.

Therefore, the simple mask that you wear is also a ‘layered’ mask, but with the layers contained in a single mask instead of being present visibly. 

So, in such a case wearing a double mask makes sense if you are adding surgical 3-layer mask with a regular cloth mask, because the cloth mask offers little protection.

It’s The Fitting That Matters, Not The Layers!   

No matter how many layers of masks you wear, they are of no use if your mask does not fit you properly. 

A loose-fitted mask would garner no protection to you, and instead, would be an open invitation for all the virus particles to enter your body freely. 

Therefore, instead of looking out for options to wear as a double mask layer, you should prioritize wearing a properly fit, snug mask. 


So, wearing a double mask might not exactly increase your chances of being infected with COVID19. It will offer extra protection, but that is what masks are for! A simple surgical mask or N95 mask can also do the same. So why invest in two masks, when one can do its job successfully too?

Wearing a surgical mask underneath a fabric mask would be indeed an intelligent, life-saving decision as fabric masks might not be that effective as surgical ones. 


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