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Are KF94 Masks More Effective than KN95?

woman wearing kf94 mask near a beach

KF94 masks are a Korean equivalent of the N95 mask, certified by the government of South Korea to meet/exceed international standard. This is why more people are switching to them. These masks, while slightly different from N95s or KN95s in appearance, offer high-level security. They're suddenly in high demand.

In the world of face masks, N95 is king. During the time of shortage, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended that they be kept off the table and reserved only for the medical personnel. However, we are no longer in the time of N95 mask shortage so the consumer has ample amount of options to choose from when it comes to quality respiratory protection. KN95 Masks are now also extremely popular, which is the Chinese equivalent of N95s. There are many counterfeits online, making it difficult to identify if you are buying a good mask.

KF94s unique feature is an adjustable nose bridge and adjustable earloops. You can adjust it to secure the fit over your nose bridge. Due to their unique design, they work extremely well for people with glasses because they are highly compatible with variety of eyewear and help prevent fogging. Overall, large amount of people find KF94s to fit them extremely well and provide a secure seal around the face due to their unique 3-panel design and the wide adjustable nose bridge that stays put in place.

How does a KF94 mask compare to an N95 and KN95 mask?

An N95 mask, also called an N95 respiratory protector, is a device designed to protect the airways. These masks filter out at least 95% of airborne particles, per the CDC. KN95 Masks are the Chinese equivalent to N95 masks.

KF94 Masks are similar but provide a minimum of >94% filtration. Experts state that there is little difference between 94 and 95% filtration. However, Fit is "an important element" in the efficiency of these masks. It's also important to note that NIH performed a study on the efficiency of KF94 respirator masks and N95 in helping block SARS-COV-2.

What are the best KF94 masks?

While there are many options and brands of KF94 masks, we'll focus on the ones we've tested the most and have received the most amount of positive feedback. 

Bluna KF94 Mask

Bluna certified KF94 adjustable masks. Available in Adult & Kids sizes. Adjustable nose-bridge and earloop design is also perfect for those with glasses. Recommended for regular/medium size faces. Buy for $2.00 per mask.

Cleantop KF94 Mask

Cleantop certified KF94 adjustable masks. Available in Adult & Kids sizes. Adjustable nose-bridge and earloop design also perfect for those with glasses.  Quality-wise, it is identical to the Bluna KF94 mask and offered at exact same price. Buy for $2.00 per mask.

LG KF94 Mask, Large

LG global appliances giant and world-known quality. LG certified KF94 adjustable mask. Perfect for larger adult faces. Adjustable nose-bridge and earloop design also perfect for those with glasses. Buy for $2.00 per mask.


KF94, KN95 and N95 masks all provide nearly identical level of protection. The most important element one should focus on is the fit to make sure the mask is comfortable to wear and fits well around contours of the face. There is no one mask that fits all faces perfectly so we recommend testing several out.