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Wearing Masks - Will This Be Our Future?

are masks here to stay

Towards the end of 2020, word got around like wildfire that several vaccine trials had displayed successful results and within a short amount of time, they were all set to roll out these vaccines throughout the world. 

This news was indeed a pleasure to the ears - for, at last, we were about to gain freedom from a deadly virus that knew no bounds and no ends; it was just everywhere! 

Registrations began all over the world. People started getting in the lines to get themselves vaccinated. Everyone knew it was a long shot - for the systematic way of getting people vaccinated in terms of their ages was something that would make the other ones wait for a long, long time. 

Joe Biden’s Announcement

Amidst all of this, the President of the United States came up with what we could call a ‘shocking’ revelation. 

According to him, the masks were going nowhere! We would still be wearing masks for about another year or so. 

Well, truth be told, this was indeed disappointing for the majority. People have now grown tired of wearing masks, and they just feel as if this trend should go as soon as possible.

But, even with the vaccines around now, and those too, satisfactory-performing ones, why did Joe Biden consider the need for masks to stay? Is he correct about this? Or is his decision just a spur-of-the-moment, emotional one? 

Wearing Masks  - Will This Be Our Future? 

Let us have a look at the technical and logical aspects of Joe Biden’s decision. Maybe that would help us decide if keeping masks around for a long time would help us in any way or not! 

It Is Still Our Best Weapon Against Covid19:

Well, truth be told, even if the vaccines are here, we do not know for sure how effective against fighting COVID they are going to be in the long run. 

For now, we only know that they exist and that there still is a long time by which everyone gets vaccinated. 

So, until the time that our turn comes, why don’t we practice something that we ‘know’ for sure is the best precaution that we could practice? And that is none other than wearing masks and practicing social distancing. 

COVID19 Is A Smart Virus: Be Aware Of The Mutants! 

One thing that the COVID19 virus seems to have learned is smartness. It has learned to mutate and is doing so in a very deadly way. 

The newer, mutant strains discovered in the UK were no match for the people and we already saw how lethal it turned out to be. 

And the worst part about that is - we do not know how many mutant strains exist already, and also, how many mutant strains would be no match for the vaccine. 

But, we know that the masks are already a smart weapon against COVID19, and so, off we go with that one thing that could supposedly save us from the wrath of COVID19.


Even with the vaccine present, there is still so much uncertainty about the mutating nature of COVID19 that Joe Biden’s decision seems to be a logical and humanitarian one.  

With so much going around, and with every person telling a new story every other day, indeed a very smart option would be to do what you think is the best in your interest. 

Wearing masks has proven to be of great use against COVID19 and has indeed helped us prevent COVID19 from invading our bodies (1). So, better safe than sorry!


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