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Where to Buy KN95 and N95 Masks Online Even if You've Got Vaccinated

Where to Buy KN95 and N95 Masks Online Even if You've Been Vaccinated

Even though vaccines are reportedly doing a good job, we still need more data to conclusively say that not wearing masks is a good option.

Vaccines cannot provide 100% protection

Vaccines are not perfect. There are some strains of virus which cannot be fought effectively with vaccines. Even though some of these vaccinations provide nearly complete protection, there are still susceptible people who can still get infected. This isn't surprising, as there are still susceptible people who can catch diseases like measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) after the mumps vaccine. If you've got this type of immune deficiency or are immuno-compromised, then your immune system is not at its' highest efficiency and CDC recommends continuing to wear masks to keep yourself protected.

Where to find KN95 and N95 masks online

The most comprehensive and best-stocked source for KN95 and N95 masks online is Protectly. There are also masks available on Amazon; however, there are numerous reports online of fraudulent sellers and terrible quality. 

Why masks are not banned

"You can't make a generalized statement that just because someone is vaccinated or not that they can't get influenza or influenza-like illnesses," Marshall said. The public health community's fear of a vaccine-induced pandemic made some experts reluctant to change recommendations. They believe a bad flu season will deter people from getting vaccinated in the future, possibly leading to an even more serious flu season. There's also some debate among infectious disease experts over whether or not wearing masks is an effective method to stop the spread of disease. It's true that masks that fit tightly over your mouth and nose prevent the inhalation of droplets, and may offer some protection from germs like the flu. To find best quality KN95 and N95 masks online, check the comprehensive and best-priced selection at Protectly.


Ultimately, the case for not wearing a mask has been very very weak and it doesn't seem to matter whether the individual is vaccinated against Covid-19 or not. Experts recommend that you still need to be cautious and wear a mask.