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Free Shipping on Orders Over $60+ (within USA) | Samples Available

Top 5 Product Reviews - Safety Masks [September, 2021]

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We contacted our customers to get their feedback on the Protectly gear they received from us in September. Our mission is to understand our customers' needs so we can provide best product selection and shopping experience. We know that our customers have choices and we are pleased that we have been selected to provide the best respiratory protection on the market.

 Here are our top product reviews from the month of September:

1. Bluna Adjustable KF94 Mask, for Adults & Kids

Great fit for my 6 year old and 3 year old. The adjustability of these masks really set them apart from others we've tried. They fit snuggly on both my 6 year old son and 3 year old daughter. They're the only masks we use for our kids for school now and we will stick with these masks until they're able to get vaccinated (at which point we might switch to non-disposable masks again).

I also love the fact this this is a Portland company and we get our masks delivered quickly via bike. - Submitted by A.A. on September 30, 2021

Perfect for my 8 year old at school and in town. I like the Bluna KF94 FaceFit for kids because my kid wears them with no complaints and swears they are not uncomfortable. The nose wire is stiff and extends nicely across the bridge of her nose and her cheeks. The ear loops are adjustable and this is a BIG plus, as we have had a couple of kid's masks that were not easily adjusted, and these are easily fit to her face (she has a smaller face). We have some Posh patterned masks for something different, but I actually like that these masks are white and she can tell when it is dirtied or in need of a change. - Submitted by Desert S. on September 21, 2021

bluna kf94 mask worn by adult malebluna kf94 mask worn by child

Buy Bluna Adjustable KF94 Masks, Adults or Kids (10 Pack, $2.00 per mask)

2. USA MADE KN95 Respirator / Mask, Adjustable

Great for air travel! We used these specifically because they were made in the USA for our recent air travel and felt more confident being around lots of people. Definitely appreciated the adjustable ear loops. I'll order the black ones next time because I could definitely see my makeup rubbing off on the inside of this one! - Submitted by AL on September 30, 2021

side view of usa kn95 maskfront view of black usa kn95 mask

Buy USA KN95 Mask (10 Pack, $2.75+ per mask)

3. 3M 9205+ N95 Aura Mask

Snug and comfortable. I'm an immunocompromised cancer patient, and I use this mask when I go into doctor's appointments and chemo infusions. It fits snugly on my face and the bridge of my nose, but it allows room to breathe. I am a medium sized woman with an oval shaped face, and I liked the fit. I am definitely re-ordering! - Submitted by Brooks F. on September 27, 2021

man wearing 3m 9205 n95 maskside view of 3m n95 aura 9205 mask

Buy 3M 9205+ Aura N95 Mask (5 or 15 Pack, $4.00+ per mask)

4. RespoKare Anti-Viral Mask

Great Mask! This mask is nice and thick and substantially made. I feel very protected wearing it. - Submitted by Suzanne T. on September 22, 2021

Great masks at a good price. My favorite masks can be hard to find, but they are available at a good price from Protectly. - Submitted by Thomas K. on September 21, 2021

man wearing respokare antiviral mask outsidecloseup detail view of the exterior of the respokare antiviral surgical mask

Buy RespoKare Anti-Viral Mask (5, 10, 24 Pack Options, $2.75+ per mask)

5. RespoKare N95 Mask, Size Medium (Runs Small) & Large

[Size Medium] Great for smaller people. I have a fairly small face, so pretty much every pre-made mask I tried was too big. These are the great exception - not only do they fit, they're surprisingly comfortable, and don't fog up my glasses when I wear them. - Submitted by Catherine on September 21, 2021

Confidence in RespoKare N95. I like the construction and comfort these masks provide; makes me confident that my family and I are being as safe as we can be using these reliable masks during these covid times. - Submitted by Nina B. on September 21, 2021

 team of doctors wearing respokare n95 masks outsideside view of the respokare n95 mask

Buy RespoKare N95 Mask (5, 10, 30 Pack Options, $4.50+ per mask)

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