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Are N95 Masks Included in Surgical Masks? Let’s See

Are N95 Masks Included in Surgical Masks? Let’s See

Several people are curious to know about this question, “Is N95 mask included in surgical masks?” Besides, there are many other answers that people are searching for.  Let me help you with these FAQs in this article. 

What are N95 Masks?

The N95 masks are respiratory protective devices that aim to ensure that the person wearing this mask can get the best rated protection. Made to NIOSH N95 standard, they come with >95% filtration efficiency, and protects the person from the bacterial and variety of other micro particles. The N95 mask is regarded as the one of the best protection that a person can have against COVID-19. 

The edges of N95 masks together with dual headbands are made to create a seal around the face. Some models of these masks have several functions like valves but all come with more safety at minimum of 95% filtration or greater. 

What are Surgical Masks?

Surgical masks are loose-fitting three layer masks made of non woven material. Surgical style mask offers protection for the person wearing it with similar filtration ability of 95% or greater but at the expense of a snug fit - thus not creating the tight seal. Surgical masks are definitely a huge step up over a regular cloth mask or a neck gaiter because neither one of those have droplet or particular resistance qualities that a non woven fluid resistant material offers. For people who are not in a significant exposure zone, surgical masks are an excellent choice. 

Is N95 Mask Included in Surgical Masks?

Well! A short answer to this question is ‘NO.’ The N95 mask is not a surgical mask. Both have similarities; however, they are not precisely the same. Here are some similarities among N95 masks and surgical masks:

  • They cannot be shared.
  • They are both tested for biocompatibility, flammability, fluid resistance and filtration efficiency.
  • They both comply with the requirements given by the regulatory agencies and national standard.

Just keep in mind that your respiratory protection should be excellent. You must know when it is required to wear only a surgical mask or an N95 mask. Don’t forget! The best way to use things is to use them for the purpose they are made for. The N95 masks are intended to protect you from this pandemic; ensure it can serve its aim at all times.