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Free Shipping on orders over $60+ (within USA) | Shipping Internationally

Protectly responding to the call for personal safety products and PPE

Protectly responding to the call for personal safety products and PPE

The continuous existential threat posed by the coronavirus (COVID-2019) has not just been challenging for the country but also the world. While we at Protectly strive to research and respond with more insights about the virus and protection measures, as a means of prevention, we already have certified NIOSH N95 for sale, which is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

Protectly first started supplying FDA Approved KN95 respirators for sale relatively early in the pandemic in the month of January, 2020. We were operating just within the state of Oregon and providing service strictly to local businesses and rural municipalities in search of personal PPE products. Protectly was serving a crucial role to help businesses prepare ahead of the lockdowns and restrictions and what was yet to come. We were a B2B PPE supplier serving the State of Oregon before launching to serve nationwide consumer. Our goal has always remained the same and that is to provide highest quality certified PPE products at reasonable prices.

So far, Protectly has been at the forefront in responding to the call for PPE products by donating over 16000 masks to underserved communities and NGOs. In September 2020, during the wildfire weeks, the company operated around the clock - averaging 19 hour days shipping, hand delivering, and donating N95 respirators to those who were in critical conditions caused by the smoke and aiding evacuees.

Certified NIOSH N95 for sale

Protectly's NIOSH N95 for sale provides healthcare workers and nationwide consumer with quality protection and people in the middle of gaseous hazard situations. In its efforts to respond to personal PPE products for sale call, the company offers a large variety of USA made products. It also collaborates with FDA-Registered and inspected international manufacturers, a bulk of which are on the food and drug administration (FDA), Emergency Use Authorizations (EUA), and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) inspected list.

Protectly is aimed at making sure that workers, as well as individuals throughout USA, get maximum protection while buying and using personal PPE products for sale nationwide while at the same time adhering to the minimum standards provided by all different regulatory institutions nationwide.

Exclusive Discounts

Protectly is proud to provide First Responders, Medical Personnel, Teachers and Non-Profits with exclusive on-going discounts through the use of VerifyPass. "Discounts" page details the the few quick steps to do in order to verify and access the savings. Upon verification you’ll be able to generate your own discount codes to use at checkout. These codes are on-going, meaning you can generate a new code every 24 hours and continue getting the same discount.