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Free Shipping on Orders Over $60+ (within USA) | Samples Available

How Do I Find USA-made Surgical Masks Online?

how do i find usa made surgical masks online

In the COVID-19 pandemic, the worldwide shortage of protective safety equipment such as surgical mask has made it harder for people to access the masks that they want. For many people, it can be difficult to know where to find high-quality surgical masks that are made in the USA. Buying USA-made masks is a priority for many of our customers at, and we want to make it easier to know where to look.

The novel coronavirus is spread through droplets that infected people produce when they talk, sneeze, or cough. The droplets can then enter the nose or mouth of other people and infect them, either directly or because they touch a contaminated surface and then touch their mouth or nose. Scientific studies have found that when people wear a face covering, the amount of droplets that they produce is lowered significantly. Therefore, if people wear a face covering that covers both their mouth and nose, this helps to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

A surgical mask is one of the most common types of a simple face covering used to minimize the spread of COVID-19. It is also commonly called a medical mask as before the pandemic, these masks were typically worn by medical staff such as nurses and doctors. Because of the level of droplet protection these masks provide, they are considered to be PPE (personal protective equipment) unlike cloth masks which provide less protection.

Many manufacturers have increased their production of PPE such as surgical masks to lessen the shortage of these items in the pandemic. If you are wanting to access good-quality surgical masks that were made in the USA, your best option is to buy these online. Research is important when buying PPE, and this is the easiest way to do your research before purchasing. At Protectly, we have information about all of our PPE available easily with one click, so that our customers can be informed.

The first thing to research is what masks are bestsellers, and which ones have good reviews. If many people have bought the mask and have given it good reviews, then you can tell that it is a reliable product. You also will need to check where the website is sourcing their masks from – make sure that they buy these directly from their manufacturer instead of from a third party. Finally – and most importantly – you need to check the authenticity of the product. Protectly only stocks authentic products, but many websites will sell counterfeit surgical masks that are cheaper, and provide less protection. Checking reviews and the manufacturer is a way to find if the products are legitimate.

Once you have done this research, you can be sure that you are buying an authentic surgical mask that will protect you against the novel coronavirus. Make sure to leave a review so that you can help other shoppers to find what they are looking for, and to give feedback to the website!