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Protectly donates 4,000 surgical masks to La Frontera Arizona (Suicide Prevention Center)

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A grassroots organization is an organization that uses team action at a local level to create a greater change. Ever since it began, has been a grassroots organization. Here at Protectly, we are incredibly serious about using our resources, time, and energy to help the community as much as we possibly can. We want to create change, not just at a local level, but at a regional and even international level. In 2020, this is more important than ever, with so much political and social unrest caused by COVID-19. People need teamwork, generosity and help more than ever – and we want to make that happen.

One of the ways in which the team at helps to create change and help the community is by regular donations to organizations and individuals who will benefit from our help and the high-quality resources that we have access to. The most recent donation we have made was on the 27th of October, 2020, when we donated 4,000 high-quality surgical masks to La Frontera Arizona / EMPACT – Suicide Prevention Centre.

EMPACT was founded to provide preventative measures and treatment to combat life-threatening behaviors, as well as providing children, adults, and families with behavioral health services. EMPACT is also an active organization in the community, partnering with schools, emergency services and places of worship to help children, adults, and communities.

Protectly’s team first became aware of EMPACT after the centre placed a bulk order with us after finding us on the website They made a bulk order for our 100% guaranteed authentic Moldex N95 masks. We then researched who had made this bulk order, and began to read up about EMPACT. We soon found out that they were a non-profit organization, with many values that align with the things we value here at Protectly.

We reached out to the Community Engagement Administrator, Christine, to see how could help their organization to make a change in the community. Christine responded that any help would be appreciated, so we put our heads together, and agreed to donate 2 full cases of surgical masks, which makes 4,000 masks in total. We thought that this could help La Frontera Arizona / EMPACT – Suicide Prevention Centre to help those in the community while also keeping themselves safe in these unprecedented 2020 circumstances.

Christine agreed that this would greatly help their cause, especially because they provide assistance to a lot of the homeless population, and they would be better able to serve the community with a supply of good-quality surgical masks on hand to keep themselves and at-risk populations safe.

Here at, we believe that it is important to stay true to your roots. As we are an organization who started from the bottom and worked our way up, we think that there is nothing more important than giving back to the community and helping those who are less fortunate than us. Throughout the 2020 and since the beginning of the pandemic, we have donated to a variety of small communities and organizations in Oregon and now are proud to be able to extend our reach on a national level. We are grateful for our customers, because we couldn't do this without you.

\We encourage each of you to do the same if you are able to – it can be something as small as a $5 donation instead of buying a coffee. Any change is good change.