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Should You Look For Amazon N95 Masks?

amazon n95 mask

For many people around the globe, Amazon is their go-to website. While you can find a wide range of products here and benefit from fast shipping, it pays to be careful at the same time. 

Ever since Amazon decided to accept third-party sellers, there have been a lot of problems. Between misleading product descriptions, massive fake reviews, to counterfeit products, you need to watch out!

The truth is that when you are buying a couch, for example, it really isn't much of a difference if the couch is original or counterfeit as long as it is comfortable and it lasts. However, the same can't be said about counterfeit personal safety products and misleading claims made on how specific items can help prevent COVID-19.  

Should You Look For Amazon N95 Masks?

The plain and simpler answer is no, you shouldn't buy Amazon N95 masks at all. But why? 

Despite Amazon gaining even greater market share across all e-commerce ever since the new coronavirus was considered a pandemic, the truth is that you can still find a lot of counterfeit products and misleading claims related to COVID-19. This includes not only face masks but also face respirators, hand sanitizers, COVID-19 information books, test kits, and even epidemic survival kits. 

According to Amazon, the company already blocked millions of products from being sold in its marketplace because they were misleading customers. Nevertheless, this battle seems to be far from over. 

The truth is that Amazon was put in a position where they had to prioritize the items they would ship first due to a huge increase in online shopping. While they also increased the number of workers, they aren't still enough to guarantee that you actually get a real, genuine N95 mask when you search for Amazon N95 in your browser. 

Counterfeit Products

As we already mentioned above, there are still many counterfeit products being sold on Amazon. 

According to Saoud Khalifah, founder and CEO of counterfeit finder and app Fakespot, his company identifies counterfeit respiratory masks and gloves every day. His app was also able to identify counterfeit hand sanitizer, COVID-19 information books and test kits.

It's important to keep in mind that while the CDC recommends that the N95 mask should be only be used by health care professionals due to a shortage in the supply, a lot of people want to get this higher protection as well. So, it is normal that the N95 mask is a trusted type of mask among government agencies, and people who are buying masks amid the pandemic recognize the brand's credibility. So, when you search for Amazon N95, you can still get plenty of fake or counterfeit products. 

Even big companies such as 3M already filed complaints against some Amazon sellers who were defrauding its customers by charging grossly inflated prices for fake, defective, and damaged respirator products. These sellers even suggested on their listings that they were third-party sellers on Amazon under the 3M brand. 

3M then alleged that the Amazon sellers charged prices for the fraudulent respirators that exceeded as much as 20 times 3M’s N95 respirator list prices. In the case of the buyers, they received non-3M respirators, fewer items than purchased, products in suspect packaging, and defective or damaged items. While Amazon blocked the accounts on its platform, the damage was already done.

Bottom Line

In case you are looking for a real, genuine N95 mask, you can simply check our website. We have a wide range of N95 masks that are available to the general public. We guarantee the authenticity of all of our products and thank you for supporting a small business. Your support allows to make regular medical supply donations in communities throughout the country.