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What is the filtration ability of N95 respirators according to the CDC?

filtration ability of n95 mask cdc

During the COVID-19 pandemic, you will have heard people talking about N95 masks. N95 masks are respirator masks which filter out at least 95% of airborne particles, which includes infectious diseases such as influenza, tuberculosis and the coronavirus. Due to shortages around the world caused by the pandemic, N95 masks are recommended for use by medical professionals, general public and those who may be exposed to sick people.

In the times of the coronavirus pandemic, it has never been more important to guarantee that you are protected against harmful airborne particles. This is especially important for people who have other health conditions or those that are exposed to many people on a daily basis, but also for those who want to resume their lives to a “new normal” as safely as possible. It is essential to make sure that you have protective equipment that is good quality, safe, and effective – which is our passion at Protectly.co.

Protectly.co stocks a range of 100% authentic N95 masks from a variety of different suppliers, all of which guarantee the 95% filtration rate as signified in the name “N95”. You may be wondering, what does this filtration ability mean? How good is it really?

The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) is a component of the USA’s Department of Health and Human Services. The organization works to protect the USA against health and safety threats, including COVID-19. This includes providing information which can help Americans – and those around the world – to stay informed and protected at all times. The information the CDC provides about PPE such as N95 respirators is reliable, accurate and informative.

The CDC reports that N95 masks work to reduce exposure to particles in the air, ranging from small particles like dust to large droplets, such as those produced by a cough or a sneeze. N95 respirators filter a minimum of 95% of airborne particles out of the air when worn correctly. Wearing an N95 mask correctly includes making sure that there is a sufficient seal between the wearer’s face and the mask. When these masks are correctly fitted to the wearers face, there is minimal-to-no leakage of air around the edges of the mask during inhalation. The consequence of this is that all of the air the wearer inhales is filtered through the mask.

Because of the superior fit of N95 masks and the 95% filtration ability, they provide much more protection against the coronavirus than a surgical mask, which has a lower filtration ability and cannot form a seal with the face. This is why N95 respirators are recommended for healthcare professionals such as nurses and doctors who are likely to encounter COVID-19 patients.

Make sure to buy N95 masks that are 100% authentic and certified by NIOSH so that they can provide the maximum amount of protection. All N95 masks sold through Protectly.co are guaranteed authentic and NIOSH-certified, so you can be sure of their quality.