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What Makes 3M N95 Masks Different from Others?

What Makes 3M N95 Masks Different from Others

You may have heard about multiple types of masks, including N95 masks. We all know that masks are one of the best defenses that can limit the coronavirus spread. According to health professionals, N95 is a highly effective mask that has >95% filtration efficiency. Because of increased demand for masks, numerous countries face a shortage of masks. The CDC has recommended people to use any masks available in the market to save yourself and others from coronavirus spread. 

During COVID-19 pandemic, the standard N95 masks are used by healthcare experts. 3M N95 respirator masks are disposable particulate respirators intended to protect at least 95% filtration efficiency against non-oil-based particles.

3M is a famous N95 mask with approved NIOSH certification. While buying a 3M N95 respirator mask packet, you will notice that the protective masks can be marked clearly outside the mask. It is used to identify the model, NIOSH certification, and other information of the mask.

Why is 3M N95 Mask Best to Use?

Several things make 3M N95 respirator masks best to wear and different from others.

  • These masks reduce the exposure to  non-oil based particles to large airborne particles.
  • The N95 respirator masks permit you to breathe comfortably while preventing harmful particles, including germs, or viruses from entering the body.
  • When you wear the respirator mask correctly, less leakage occurs around the edges of N95 respirator when you inhale. It means all the air you inhale is clean and filtered. 

While wearing 3M N95 mask for the first time, you may feel uncomfortable and hot, but you will get used to it over time. It is the ideal defense to protect you against harmful viruses, including coronavirus. 

How to Recognize 3M Respirator Mask is Counterfeit? 

Here are some tips that help you identify the counterfeit products:

  • 3M masks are packed in 3M packing with the user instructions plus the model and product specifications. 
  • 3M masks do not have any type of FDA logo on them.
  • The 3M N95 masks are not sold without a package or separately.
  • 3M has high-quality standards, if you see no ear straps or loops, blocked or damaged valves, strange odors, and mistakes of written words, then the product is not authentic.