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What You Should Consider While Wearing an N95 Face Mask During Exercise

Wearing an N95 Face Mask During Exercise

Are you among those fitness lovers who love to exercise while wearing an N95 face mask? The rapid increase in pandemic cases has made us more conscious of our health and safety. People all over the world take preventive steps to prevent themselves from getting infected  from coronavirus. Nevertheless, the people who love to exercise ask a question: "Do they exercise with an N95 face mask on?"

While maintaining a good hygiene and social distancing is essential, wearing a face mask is crucial in every public place to help stop the spread of the virus. If you exercise outdoors, do not forget the importance of social distancing. It is significant to keep a distance of 10 – 20 feet during running because people breathe heavily during a work out. A runner's breath may contain more viruses; wearing an N95 mask protects them and other people from infectious diseases and droplet spread. 

Is it Essential to Wear a Face Mask When You Exercise?

While exercising in an area where social distancing is challenging to maintain, you must wear a mask. Don't forget! Wearing a mask is not an alternate for physical distancing. 

If you are working out in a place where you cannot see other people, there is no need to wear a mask. You must be careful to avoid getting too close or give the other individual six feet while passing. 

Role of N95 Face Mask While Jogging

Jogging or running with a face mask can reduce the airflow, making it a bit demanding to breathe. It cannot retain carbon dioxide or decrease oxygen, but it will probably bore your pace or performance. 

It means that you can have a tough time catching breathe while running with a mask. You may feel exhausted earlier; even if you are in great shape, you need to change your running intensity. You must note how you think or if you have any unknown symptoms. 

Remember These Points While Wearing a Face Mask

  • Make sure that the mask is well fitted so that the exhaled air cannot reach the eyes
  • After use, dispose of the single-use mask and wash reusable covers daily
  • Do not touch the N95 face mask.

Follow these guidelines to stay safe and healthy during this challenging time of COVID-19.