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Why Wearing an N95 Mask is Essential to Battle Against Viral and Bacterial Contaminants?

Why Wearing an N95 Mask is Essential

Do you know why wearing an N95 mask is essential nowadays? Numerous people prefer to stay at home, avoid close proximity on the street and change their regular habits in different ways that we have not imagined. However, we should adopt a new way of living that involves wearing an N95 mask when we are out in pubic to decrease contamination risk. 

The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) in the U.S. advises that individuals wear a mask in the public and around people, particularly those who do not live in the household or where social distancing is challenging to follow. Wearing an N95 face mask regularly can be a new habit, but it is essential to decrease the virus's spread. 

Why Wearing an N95 Mask is Extremely Significant?

You may have a question in mind, "If I am not at COVID-19 risk, why should I wear an N95 face mask?" The reason behind it is that the virus can spread through three ways, i.e., talking, sneezing, or coughing. The infected individual can release dangerous particles into the air, leading to health hazards.  

Additionally, we can touch our face, mouth, nose, or eyes; that's why you can use hand sanitizer along with a face mask to kill bacteria from hands and keep yourself entirely protected. If a healthy person wears an N95 mask, the COVID-19 carrier has the least probability of transmission. 

How Much Protection N95 Face Mask Offer Against Bacterial Contaminants?

Along with preventive measures such as hand washing and social distancing, N95 masks can help protect you and numerous people around you. There are different types of masks available; every one has its own set of protection, specifications, and functions. 

The N95 face masks are intended to filter >95% airborne particles (small and large substances) to reduce the spread of viral and bacterial contaminants. This respirator is perfect for a minimum 95% of filtration efficiency, designed to prevent harmful agents including PM2.5 particulates and bio-aerosols. You can purchase an N95 face mask to protect against fumes, pollutants, respiratory droplets, and more. 

The Verdict: Wear a face mask and follow all the preventive measure; you can help reduce the risk of viruses and protect yourself.

Wear an N95 mask, maintain social distancing, and Stay Safe!