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Free Shipping on Orders Over $60+ (within USA) | Samples Available

Free Shipping on Orders Over $60+ (within USA) | Samples Available

Best Masks for Covid: Which Design is Best?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a heightened awareness of the importance of wearing masks to protect ourselves and others. With many mask shape types, it is important to understand their differences and how they may provide a better protection for your face type. How do you pick the right one...

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How to Use and Redeem Your Protectly Points

Protectly offers a loyalty rewards program because it is our mission to provide best customer shopping experience and always give back to our supporters. Protectly Points program offers multiple easy ways to earn points and save on purchases, or earn points/discounts by referrals.  Here is how to use it: 1. Locate...

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Importance of the Right Fitting Mask for Covid-19 Protection

adult male wearing surgical mask at work

Wearing masks has become a common practice in a lot of parts of the world in recent years, and for practical reasons. With 2023 here and new strains of the virus going around, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a significant public health concern, and masks act as an...

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Masks for Large Faces (Large N95s, Large KF94s, and Large KN95s)

shop masks for large faces, woman wearing kn95 mask at a sports event

Masks can fit a variety of faces; however, we have seen that people with larger faces need help finding masks that fit them. Masks that are too small make it impossible for people with larger faces to wear them for extended periods without feeling discomfort, if they can even have them...

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Black Masks (Black N95, Black KF94, and Black KN95)

black color kn95 mask that is made in usa

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a shift in the popularity of mask colors, with black masks becoming particularly fashionable. While masks have historically been white in color, the adoption of masks by the general public has led to a desire for more stylish options. Protectly now offers a wide range...

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Where to buy masks in Portland, Oregon

view of the river from the bridge in portland

Protectly offers the largest selection of masks in Portland, Oregon. Protectly is a reputable provider of PPE supplies in the Portland metro area and the Pacific NW. We carry a large selection of N95 (USA standard - headbands masks), KF94 (Korean standard - earloop masks), KN95 (Chinese standard - earloop...

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Are N95 Masks Effective Against Omicron?

Are N95 Masks Effective Against Omicron

The COVID-19 pandemic emerged in December 2019, affecting individuals of every age group around the globe. The SARS-CoV-2 virus has undergone several mutations over these months, adapting to the environmental conditions and breaching the protective barriers set up by humans. The variants include Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, and Omicron. The...

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How Are KF94 and N95 Masks Different

korean woman wearing a korean kf94 mask outside with mountain backdrop

Compared to the N95 masks used in many countries, the KF94 masks are the South Korean government equivalent to the N95 mask and are nearly identical. The KF stands for "Korean Filter" standard, like the US N95 mask rating, is known as KF94. The N95 and KF94 masks are practically the...

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Key Factors To Consider When Choosing KN95 and N95 Masks

photo of a kn95 mask direct facing against a black background

The most sought-after products during the pandemic are now much more accessible. One of the most frequently asked questions has been, "Where can I get a KN95 or N95 mask?" We're all in the market for N95s or KN95s as the epidemic continues to spread. Vaccinations continue to be administered,...

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Does KN95 Work As Well As N95?

kn95 mask shown hanging from a surface

Masks are an integral component of personal protective equipment, especially in the case of infections that may be contracted through a droplet or airborne transmission. As the Covid-19 pandemic has shown, this holds true for both healthcare workers and the general public. Generally, the effectiveness of a mask is largely...

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