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Free Shipping on orders over $60+ (within USA)

Free Shipping on orders over $60+ (within USA)

Masks for Large Faces (Large N95s, Large KF94s and Large KN95s)

Masks try to fit a variety of faces however, what we have seen is that people with larger faces struggle to find masks that fit them. Masks that are too small make it impossible for people with larger faces to wear for extended periods of time without feeling discomfort, if they are even able to have them stay on in the first place.

We realized that this is an issue for many of our customers. This is the reason why we ate Protecly carry one of the largest selections of genuine masks where people can find a mask that will fit them. We also are able to sample out most of the masks we carry.

The options we have available and recommend for our customers with larger faces are the following:

KN95s (earloops):

Our made in USA KN95s are offered with earloops in Large size as well as adjustable (the adjustable ones are slightly bigger and have a bead allowing them to be adjusted down, which can be removed for Extra Large loops).

USA Made KN95s

KF94s (earloops):

We believe that the LG adjustable KF94s are the best option for those looking for the KF94 style mask. They are great for people with larger faces and are adjustable to your face. Bluna KF94s might work for some people with larger faces as well but, LG KF94s are a size up from those and the largest size we offer.

LG Adjustable KF94s

N95s (headbands/over the head):

We have several N95s that are made for people with larger faces the Sperian one is also an XL N95 mask. They come in a variety of shapes from cup to folded.

Respokare N95s (Large size, folded style)

Benehal 6115L N95s (Large size, cup style)

Moldex 1513 (Large size, molded style)

Sperian SAF-T-FIT PLUS N1115  (XL size, cup style)