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How Does the Cool Flow Valve of N95 Mask (3M 8511 Respirator) Work?

How Does the Cool Flow Valve of N95 Mask work

The use of N95 mask has become a trending topic with the second wave of COVID-19. There are numerous models of N95 face masks, including 8210v, 8210, 8200 respirators, and 8210 plus. Here I am going to talk about 3M 8511 face masks. 

Well! It is among the famous masks out there, and I am going to discuss what makes it unique and how its cool flow valve works. Let dig deeper into it without wasting any time. 

N95 Mask (3M 8511)

The 3M 8511 N95 mask offers at least 95% filtration efficiency against small airborne elements. When it comes to talking about 3M 8511 respirator, it is a disposable one that will offer you comfort and protection against COVID-19 viruses.  

You can quickly wear it for a long time in dusty or hot environments without any issue. It consists of an adjustable nose clip that gives you the best comfort and makes it easy to breathe in extreme conditions. The 8511 N95 masks are quite durable, which means that you can prefer them in every circumstance.

In most conditions, healthcare experts use this mask while treating COVID-19 patients. It is also used by workers who do many bagging, sweeping, grinding, or other similar tasks.

How Does the Cool Flow of N95 Mask (3M 8511 Respirator) Work?

The cool flow valve technology is not seen in 8511 face masks. You may have seen it on different respirators created by 3M company. This latest technology is used to keep healthcare professionals and workers cool in hot working settings. 

Let’s see how it works:

  1. While inhaling, the valve pushed air with the help of a respirator, and the surface temperature decreases.
  2. When you exhale, you fill the face mask with moist and warm air. The cool flow valve ejects the breath with its natural heat. When the hot air leaves the mask, the face respirators can be cooler and becomes more comfortable. 

Yes! It is quite simple. 

You should say thanks to the cool flow valve technology, the 3M 8511 N95 mask will keep you comfortable and cool no matter how warm it is outside. For added defense, wearing a surgical mask over the N95 mask with valve provides protection for those around you.