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Free Shipping on Orders Over $60+ (within USA) | Samples Available

Top 5 Product Reviews - Face Masks [July, 2021]

best n95 kn95 masks 2021

We've reached out to the experts - our customers - to get their feedback on the gear they've received from Protectly in July. We know that our customers have a choice and we are thrilled that we were chosen by them when it comes to supplying the best in respiratory protection available on the market. 

Here are our top reviews:

1. KN95 Mask / Respirator, Made in USA

Comfortable and secure masks - These masks are working out great - they have been consistently comfortable and feel secure when I'm out and about. I also like that the fabric doesn't rest on the mouth - there is ample space in front - the mask points out - so not so constricting. Great customer service from Protectly each time I've ordered - shipping has been fast/timely and I so appreciate all the various options from Protectly for face coverings given the circumstances of these times. I'm trying a few different options offered by Protectly, this one so far is the one I feel safest in. Thanks so much to all at Protectly for keeping us all safer! - KG, July 22, 2021

kn95 mask made in usa

Buy KN95 Mask, Made in USA (10 Pack, $2.75 per mask)

2. N95 Mask, Fangtian 

Great fit for smaller faces! - I’ve had a hard time finding KN95 and N95 masks that don’t have gaps in fit. Fangtian N95s have exceeded my expectations. They fit so well and I breathe comfortably in these masks -  Jennifer S, July 21, 2021

n95 mask fangtian
Buy N95 Mask, Fangtian (5 or 20 Pack, $2.95+ per mask)

3. 3M 6000 Kit with Filters, Half-Face Respirator

Perfect Fit. Perfect Protection - I purchased this respirator to deal with clearing out an old building structure that has an extensive amount of mold and it does the job for sure! Previously when I entered the space for a few mins my throat and nasal passages were effected, with this nothing, even after 5hrs. It is very comfortable and easy to put on and off. My only issue was that I've struggled to find googles to protect my eyes after having researched a little more about mold and it going into the eyes, so I wish I had of invested in the full face. - Shell R, July 2021
3m 6000 mask

4. KF94 Mask, Bluna

Comfortable & Secure Fit - We have tried a lot of different styles and brands of masks, and these are a new favorite! They are really comfortable to wear, and I like the adjustable ear loops to make sure the mask has a secure fit. I have sensitive skin, and these stay in place without leaving marks or indents on my face. My husband is an essential worker and has been wearing these all day at work. He says that the roomier fit make it easier to talk with customers without having to project his voice. Glad we found these, and definitely plan to buy more! - Laura W, July 25, 2021
bluna mask kf94
Buy Bluna KF94 Mask (10 Pack, $2.00 per mask)

5. 3M Aura Mask, 9205+

Great Service! - This is a wonderful mask, and Protectly got it to me quickly. It is a great company to work with-- the team is professional, accommodating, and stands behind its quality products. - PD, July 10, 2021

3m aura mask 9205

Buy 3M Aura N95 Mask 9205+ (5 or 15 Pack, $4.00+ per mask)

Final Verdict

When it comes to choosing best face mask protection for Covid-19, you do get what you pay for. Therefore, choose a mask from trusted supplier when you are shopping for one. After all, you wouldn’t say, “just bring me some pizza, any kind of pizza,” would you?