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These are the Best Face Masks to Use for Travel in 2021

best face mask for travel

A breathable face mask is essential for travel, especially when you're traveling on public transport. Here are some of the most comfortable choices.

You might be eager to get on the train or book your flight as travel restrictions start to ease up. Face masks are a must-have for all your travel needs.

You can travel within the U.S. if your vaccinations are current. But you must still wear a mask before you get on a flight. According to the CDC face masks still need to be worn for all travelers "on planes, buses and trains traveling into, between, or out of the United States, as well as in U.S. transport hubs such airports and stations."

Are you planning a long-haul flight or a long bus ride or train journey to another state? A mask that is too hot or sweaty for you to wear in tight spaces, or that doesn't protect others around you (even though the risk of transmission is lower in airplane cabins that circulate air through HEPA filter) are not what you want.

These are the top N95 and KN95 breathable protective masks that you can use for travel.

Which type of face mask is best for travel?

Travel face masks should be safe and comfortable. It is important that they are breathable, so you don't feel as if you're being squeezed by your mask during flight.

You will need a mask for most shops and attractions. Here are some things you should look out for when looking for the perfect travel mask.

Disposable: Your face mask will accumulate sweat, dirt, and other particles throughout your journey. Think about having maximum hygiene and disposing of the masks after few hours of use to replace with a fresh one or between each flight. Make sure to buy face masks in bulk before your train or flight. 

Breathability: For this list, we have chosen ultra-breathable masks that won't make you feel uncomfortable even during your longest cross-country flight. Even though you are buying disposable masks, it's important to make sure they have a tight seal around your nose, mouth and throat. 

Material: Two or more layers of professional-grade filtration are the best protection masks. Certain types of masks are not allowed on certain airlines. This includes masks with vents and valves. They protect you but don't protect those around you from your exhaled particles. The TSA stated that face shields and goggles are not substitutes for a suitable mask.

Which are the best travel face masks?

These top-rated masks will help keep you and your loved ones safe before you book that next trip.

1. N95 Mask by 3PE 

Best Overall Comfort for N95 Mask

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N95 mask from 3PE  is the most comfortable in America for N95 protection!

The necessity to produce high-quality N95 respirators that are reliable and safe for public and private health was the inspiration behind the 3PE N95 mask. Made in California. Adjustable head straps is what truly sets this N95 mask apart from all competition, allowing for a comfortable fit for those long journeys and N95 protection. 

Buy N95 Mask by 3PE here (5 Pack for $25)

2. USA Made KN95 by Protectly

Best Overall KN95s

masks made in usa kn95


American-made KN95 Respirator Mask, made in California. KN95 Mask is made with the best-quality 100% USA Materials. Protectly KN95 is unique in its type because it has three sizes that allow for the best fit.

You'll have enough masks for each leg with the 10-pack. Each mask offers greater than 95 percent filtration and five layers of protection. These masks have an adjustable nose clip so you don't have to spend the entire flight touching and adjusting your mask.

Buy USA Made KN95 Masks Here (10 Pack for $27.50)

3. RespoKare Mask

First & Only FDA-Cleared AntiViral Mask

respokare mask


Globally, flu season intensity has been increasing. Coronaviruses pose a new threat to our health.SARS/MERS, COVID-19 virus variants and germs can be passed directly to infected people from infected aerosols, respiratory droplets, surfaces or surface, including masks.

RespoKare Mask is the US FDA-approved mask with Virax TM active virus protection. It is the only FDA-Cleared mask that kills Coronavirus and other common viruses, bacteria, and mold.

Buy RespoKare mask (10 Pack for $60 + Free Shipping)