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Free Shipping on Orders Over $60+ (within USA) | Samples Available

Best Face Masks for Fall: N95, KF94, and AntiViral for Adults & Kids

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Fall season is upon us, as the COVID19 pandemic continues in the United States. In partnership with experts and institutions, WHO is continuously monitoring the evolution of COVID-19 and new variants of concern. 

The U.S. Delta variant was the most recent variant of concern at the time this article was published. Unfortunately, many areas had to reinstate their mask mandates throughout the U.S., prompting Americans once more to stock up on N95 as well as other personal protective equipment. 

Best Face Masks for Personal Safety this Fall

While studies regarding the virus strains and the effectiveness of vaccines continue to be conducted, it is worth considering wearing a face mask in public places.

N95 masks, such as the 3PE N95 NIOSH Mask and the RespoKare N95 NIOSH Mask are both CDC approved and safe to use.

RespoKare N95 Mask

The RespoKare N95 mask (CDC/NIOSH Approved) can be purchased in five, ten, and thirty-packs. You can also get it in Medium or Large sizes. The former is better suited for small and slim faces. RespoKare Virax is a U.S.-patented antiviral technology. It has a slight citrus fragrance that FDA approved as safe. It is also designed to prevent 99.9% of all airborne viruses. 

 two doctors wearing respokare n95 masks

The RespoKare Mask can be found here at a starting price of $5.

3PE N95 Mask

The 3PE N95 Mask (CDC/NIOSH Approved) is made in California, USA. Available in 5- and 25-packs. It is able to filter harmful particles >95 percent efficiency, as with all NIOSH US N95 masks. In addition, it is 5-layered, making it highly resistant to fluid particles and droplets. For comfortable all-day wear, the 3PE N95 mask has an adjustable headband design.

horizon air pilot wearing a 3pe n95 mask

The 3PE N95 NIOSH mask is available beginning at $3.75

Protectly offers a variety of N95 masks. In addition, consider a KF94, or a surgical face mask

Bluna KF94 Mask, Adjustable (Adults & Kids)

Millions of Americans are familiar with the N95/KN95 masks more than a year after the pandemic. KN95 masks have become a standard in China and became popular in USA. KN94 is the South Korean equivalent to N95 and KN95. Bluna KF94 Mask, made in South Korea, has 4 layers of soft and skin-friendly materials. It offers >94% filtration protection against harmful airborne particles. The earloops are adjustable to fit most faces. Bluna also offers a kids' mask, perfect for children ages 5-12.

 bluna kf94 mask worn by a young man

Bluna Adjustable KF94 Mask starts at $2 per mask. You can find other KF94 masks here, for kids and adults.

RespoKare Antiviral Mask (Adults & Kids)

RespoKare Anti-Viral Mask imported from Vietnam. Available in packs of 5, 10, or 24. This ASTM Level 3 surgical mask may be a better choice for people who don't like wearing N95 or KN95 masks but seek the highest protection level. It features a latex-free and an adjustable metal nosepiece. The RespoKare Anti-Viral Mask inactivates 99.99% of 18 influenza viruses, COVID-19 included.

 respokare mask antiviral worn by an adult male outside

The RespoKare Anti-Viral mask for adults can be found at a starting price of $2.75. Same mask is also available for kids, ages 5-12 at a starting price of 3.00.

Protectly has the most comprehensive collection online of N95, KN95, KF94 and surgical masks.